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For critical periods you need adapted strategies


The time frame for success and gains is tighter than ever. The most critical periods reported during a career, despite significant projects, or complex decisions, who are also very challenging, are the transitions into a new role (both internal promotion or new company integration).

Research shows that an average of 50% of senior leaders fails in 18 months in integrating their new roles.

Mastering the Technical side of Transition: Strategy, Results is only a part of the equation. Equally important are the Emotional practices we use to establish Social Acceptance and Connection with the Team, Stakeholders, and guarantee Company Culture Integration.

This interactive ten (10) weeks program offers practical, researchbased strategies for maximizing your performance while linking Technical and Emotional strategies. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program that will help you boost your transition into a successful career.

You‘ll learn how to think strategically about your transition. You will have accurate assessments and make actions plans. This will stretch you, hold you accountable, and make you strive for success.

Using insights from research, scientific principles of positive psychology and demonstrated experience this course offers a proven game-plan for sharpening your strategy. You will have a clear roadmap for both long and short term success.



Learn About the Leaders Transition Booster Program

To get Top Business Leadership Skills, you need to invest either time or money.

You have three choices when it comes to investing in your Leadership.

1) If you don’t have money, but you have time – You need to invest in a do-it-yourself Leadership, Change management, and Emotional intelligence training program with the templates to deliver it.
When you consider a program you want to follow, you need to make sure you find something with a proven strategy. Then you need to make sure you have the technology to deliver this strategy.
This is precisely why we created the Leaders Transition Booster Academy- Silver Option. It has both the training and the coaching you need to plan and build your Transition.

2) If you have some time and some money – If you have the time to invest in your strategy, but you want to get the highest possible chance of success, you should consider investing in a Transition coach.
When you hire a Transition coach, you need to find someone with a proven track record of success — both in Business Expertise and in Leadership Knowledge.
We developed the Leaders Transition Booster Academy Gold package with LTB Founder, Alexandra Claes.

3) If you have money but no time – If your business is going through hard times: Either doing well or if going through a crisis and Transition time then you probably have little time to devote to learning and do-it-yourself.
In this case, you need to invest in a world-class consultant with a track record of success. With a team that has built strategies with the results, you are expecting.
For this, we have the Leaders Transition Booster Platinum program with LTB Founder, Alexandra Claes.

Hire Alexandra and Leaders Transition Booster Team to build your Transition and Change for you.

1-on-1 Coaching with Leaders Transition Booster Founder

Whether you are a new hired Leader or a Business Owner or HR manager, who wants to build your Transition and Change expertise, consider working with Leaders Transition Booster and Alexandra Claes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is LTB - Leaders Transition Booster ?
  • Ten weeks boosting program, pairing Coaching with Leadership development and Business growth
  • Learning: online Training Sessions
  • Coaching: depending on the plan chosen: Biweekly or weekly one-to-one calls
  • Business Growth: Diagnosis and Strategy focused in the Transition period
  • Leadership development: Leadership assessment and reflection during all
  • Concise, engaging and action focused
What is included in the program?
  • Five or ten coaching calls (English or French) depending on the plan chosen
  • Anywhere, anytime contact by Whatsapp, by email with your Coach,
  • Recording of the calls,
  • Agile Online Board and structured feedback to track your success,
  • Practical exercises and examples
  • Change Style Indicator Assessment
  • EQi2.0Leadership Assessment
  • Structured templates, audits, and checklists to use in your business for diagnosis and build action plans
  • Leaders Transition Booster Manual & Worksheets

Click here to download the Executive Summary PDF

Does the program comes with Consulting ?

Only the Platinum Version comes with a personalized business diagnosis with Leaders Transition Booster Founder, Alexandra Claes. Of course, in the other two versions Silver and Gold we get to discuss during the coaching hours on your personal and business challenges.
There are three packages available today:

  • Silver: 5 Learning Sessions and 5 One-to-One Coaching Sessions
  • Gold: 5 Learning Sessions and 10 One-to-One Coaching Sessions
  • Platinum: Personalized consulting and intervention + all what available on the Gold package
How much is the investment in the Program?

We have 3 versions available of the Program. According to the campaigns, we might have special discounted prices. Please download the program Summary where you will find all prices on this date.

  • Silver: 5 Learning Sessions and 5 One-to-One Coaching Sessions.
  • Gold: 5 Learning Sessions and 10 One-to-One Coaching Sessions
  • Platinum: Personalized consulting and intervention + all that is available on the Gold package ( prices based on the duration and complexity or request)

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Where / How does the LTB Program Take Place?

For both Silver and Gold packages all the communication online.

  • We deliver the learning modules in your Agile board every week.
  • The Coaching sessions are available based on booking and are performed live on Skype.

The Platinum version is an active presence in your organization for the diagnosis days. Moreover, the10 online learning modules and live Skype Calls are available for you.

What is in the Learning Schedule?

The lessons are 1 hour every week on the following topics:

  1. Transition Roadmap: Prepare yourself. Influence and Build Credibility in 3 steps. Trust, Expertise, and Mindset. Craft your three-month plan. Onboarding Guide *
  2. Navigate through Change. Understanding Change: Individual Change and motivation. Why people resist change? Decision-making strategies and Stress management. Change Style Indicator Feedback *
  3. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: Why Resilience is essential in change. The five skills you need to build. The first one is Awareness. EQI2.0 Leadership Feedback *
  4. Prove yourself an expert. Assess and diagnose. Negotiate success. Align expectations. Link value with KPI. Manage your team. Action plan. Business diagnosis and goals *
  5. Coach and develop others: Assess your coaching style, Win-win relationships. Receiving, and providing feedback. Mindset, Team goals guide*

* Examples of Audits, Templates, and Assesments here.

Click here for the Program Summary PDF download

How do I know it will work for me?

There are no guarantees in leadership when it comes to results.
However, we can guarantee if you go through the learning modules, apply all templates, take all the coaching calls you will have the whole understanding needed to face the transition, alongside with an entire Business and Leadership development plan.

If this doesn’t happen, you will get a full refund. Thirty days guaranteed after the end of the program. You get ten weeks +30 days guarantee. The only thing you need to provide us is the proof of the templates applications and to get all the coaching calls.

Why do I need to apply for the Program?

Our 2019 schedule is limited.Alexandra Claes founder Leaders Transition Booster will be personally leading or participating in all Coaching calls, and Assessment Feedbacks sessions.
Due to the limited time, we want to ensure that we are the right fit for you and that you are the right fit for the Program.
To apply for the workshop, go first through a short quiz, tell us your reasons to want to go through this Program.

Click here to Start the Application.

When does the program start?

The program is online for the learning part and life online for the coaching hours.
Based on our mutual availability, the program can start. If you think this is interesting, book a free call to get more information.

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What if I am not sure which program to choose?

You have three choices based on the importance and emergence of your transition situation.

1) If you think your new job transition can go on a slow pace and you estimate you will need less guidance, then we advise you to chose the silver version.

2) If you are challenged in your new position and feel in the middle of a tornado, then you might think for the gold version. Download here the Executive Summary presentation Gold version

3) If you think you are in a crisis and feel like losing ground, and you have the available budget then download here the Executive Summary presentation Platinum version and have a talk with your boss. It might be wise to get some external help for a short period.

If you still have questions: Click here to book a call.

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